Someone asked me today why I am so passionate about God. Why the Blessed Family. My only answer was that if it were not for Him, for the Blessed Family, I would not be here today. The struggles have been many, the pain from the past, the days and nights of having no hope were endless.

Until I found God in 1992 and until I finally “got it” in 2007 – there were days that I prayed for God to bring me Home.
One night in 2007 as I was sitting on my bathroom floor, with my back up against the wall, crying into a towel so no one would hear, I felt a comfort.
I cannot explain it, just a comfort knowing it would be okay.
He told my heart that day, in the bathroom that the road will be hard, but together we can do it if you will get up and put your Faith back into My plan.
My life changed that day. I have never been the same.
Everyday I accept a challenge in my life and it has never been easy. I am grateful for that. I would not be who I am today.
Every night I make it back into my bed and thank God for another day.
My days of crying into a towel never happened again.


(Post is from March 2014 on my prior blog


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