A Little Miracle In Maine

“The earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When one opens the door and walks outside, how taken aback you become as you look at the trees, look at the branches and you see Jesus in everything, God’s Creation is everywhere.

My earliest memory of walking through fields would have to be fields of wild scallions. As a child, walking and putting my hands out on both sides, letting whatever fields it is that I was walking through touch my hands and feeling life, knowing that that I was touching reality in the moment, was and still is poetry.

“God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.” – Saint Teresa of Calcutta

When I was two years old, my mother, my father, my brother Jim and myself and my brother Stephen who was just born lived in Maine. I do not remember any of my time in Maine as I was very young.

I was told that there was a miracle that happened in my life one day in Bath, Maine, I have no human recollection of it whatsoever but the townsfolk did.

I have always loved nature, or so it has been said since I was a baby. One of my fascinations was looking up to the sky and nature as a whole. I’m not too sure what I was thinking about back in the day but I know what I think about now when I look into nature. There’s so much to contemplate.

At the age of two, so the story goes, is that I went off into the back fields. Living in Maine, there was so much country land that the fields just went on and on. I walked out of my back door into the fields of my backyard. I had no shoes on and only a summer dress.

My mother noticed that I was gone and she went to find my dad. Dad was nervous because their was our water well in the fields.

My mother and father searched for a while for me and they could not find me. At that time, the police, the fire department was called in, search parties were called in and then finally a Priest was called in because I was gone for so long that they did not think that they were going to find me and it was becoming colder.

My dad went off into the fields again to try and find me one last time before the search party ceased for the night.

I was told that I was found by my dad sitting in the middle of the field, smiling and giggling. My dad said that he had walked past that same exact part of the field as did so many other people, including the Fire Department, the Police Department and the rescue crews.

There was not a scratch on me and I was clean.

I sometimes wonder what happened to me that day, where I may have gone to. I remember nothing of that day at all.

One thing that I do know is that my love of nature comes from that day. There are no human words to explain why it is that I know that this is a definitive. In a Spiritual sense, I know that something very special happened that day.

A Mother’s Heart

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver

This year, I turned 44 years old. My sons are 26 years old and 20 years old. Some of my friends children are grown like mine, although not many, and many are just beginning their lives with children.

I get asked questions from new moms, moms with teenagers and even moms with adult children about the journey of Motherhood.

As I was having dinner with my husband this evening, we started to talk about a subject that had not been brought up in quite a while. About our oldest son, Ryan. When I was pregnant with Ryan, I found out at 11 weeks that my son was either going to have down syndrome or be a little person. The ultrasound showed that all of his limbs were very small and it also showed many characteristics of Down Syndrome. My husband and I were advised to go to Boston that afternoon to meet with a team of specialists. We did go to Boston and that story, I believe is in another blog post.

Fast forward, Ryan was born perfectly fine. My labor was almost 48 hours and I gave birth to Ryan at 1:30 in the morning.

After the nurses left, the doctors, all is finally quiet, I looked over to my right and Joey was sound asleep on the couch, I looked over to my left and I saw the miracle that God has bestowed upon me. I had just turned 18 years old, two weeks before Ryan’s birthday and I was fully prepared for raising a sick child.

As I looked over to my left and I saw Ryan, I asked God, “he’s OK, what happened” Internally I ‘heard’ “He will serve me one day.” I did not know what that meant at that moment as I had just found my way to God as a teenager and was very early in my journey but it’s a moment that I never forgot about. I never told my son about it and still have not to this day. I believe in my heart I know what God was trying to say that day to me especially at my age but I will never know.

As a mother, I want what my son wants. And sometimes that is hard, because we see our children going down a path that may be more difficult, and it is in those moments, in the heart of a mother, that we need to leave all preconceived conceptions at the door and love our children for their uniqueness and beautiful mind. Because that is what God does for each one of us.

Be In Moments

Look at this flower. Has anyone ever looked at a flower and pictured God creating a flower? I really looked at the Peonies today that I have in my house and I said to God, “You did this for me. You did this so I would look over and see these beautiful peonies because You love me so much and you want to see me so happy. You tell me, that when I smile, you are overjoyed. I could die right now, happy.” 🤗🤗

The next time that you see a flower, especially your favorite flower, take a really good look at it, because when God created the world, He saw you and He saw what it is that you were going to love, so that flower that you are looking at, was created just for you. Let’s appreciate the gift that God has given to us, because as we look around, we are living now. Look at the flowers, thank God for the scenery on the journey.

Heavens Masterpieces

Our Lady comes from Heaven to live inside each one of us. She brings us to Her Son.

Our Lady will lead each one of us, if we choose, to prepare us, in a special way to communicate with Her Son.

Our Lady is the Changer Of Hearts, She is the Golden Thread that sews within each one of us, with us, the magnificent embroidery that is our life’s masterpiece, to present to God at the end of our mortal journey.

Heaven displays these masterpieces. Each masterpiece is different, some were made on parchment paper, some on fabrics, others on steel. No matter what was used as a basis, each foundation was built on a yes.


Yes Jesus, I want your Mother to lead me in a special relationship that brings me even closer to You. I entrust Your Mother to lead me to Heaven. Amen.

This is the Art Of Heaven and we are all called to create our own.

He Left To Remain In Their Nothingness

“Did you ever stop to think that God never had to create you? Never! Millions of possible human beings whom God saw when He created you, He left to remain in their nothingness, and they might have worshipped Him a thousand times better than you will ever worship Him. They might have been higher, holier, far more interesting. But He did not create them. There was some nameless thing about you, which attracted Him. It was you with your single, unmated soul, which in the calmness of His Eternal Wisdom and love drew Him to create you. This is our faith.

And the love that you took you out of nothingness in the yesteryears has not abandoned you. He out of nothing this in the yesteryears has not abandoned you. He did not turn you into this world and leave you here on your own to sink or swim. That love has enveloped you and sustained you every moment since then, and it is enveloping you and sustaining you now.”

From the book: Reflections with Father Leo Clifford

Sister Saint-Pierre

For our final considerations, we will discuss how Sister Saint-Pierre served as a precursor and foundation to Our Lady’s visitations at Fatima. For the sake of brevity, we limit our focus to three points.

First: Our Lord [to Sister Saint-Pierre] and Our Lady of Fatima both warned of the need for prayer and penance for the salvation of souls.

Our Lord showed Sister Saint-Pierre “the multitude of souls falling into Hell “and told her to “pray -fervently” for their conversion. He gave her the Golden Arrow prayer, pledging it as a “torrent of grace” for sinners.

Likewise, Our Lady of Fatima showed the children the vision of Hell. Likewise, Our Lady of Fatima showed the children the vision of Hell. She then said: “You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.”

From the book: Revelations Of The Holy Face Of Jesus by John Vennari

Holding On

Being different is hard, especially in the world we live in today. Being different when you are still not sure of your own reality, is a little bit harder.

“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” -St. Jerome

Saint Jerome said it perfectly, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” For some who were not raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household, it is understandable why family and friends scratch their head when they see a family member who is completely opposite from them – the one who is traditionally seen as the black sheep of the family.

Being different, but being different in a way that should be a good thing, is becoming rear.

 “But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Are you different from your family? Did you ever feel like there was something wrong with you because you didn’t fit in to what their perception of you should be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that there are many black sheep’s in your grazing meadow. You are not alone, even though you may feel that you are at times. It will be during these times that you will find God, and if you already know God, you will have a deeper understanding of God. Not every step back, every grievance, every tear that you have had means that you have a bad hand in life.

God will use these setbacks to fulfill His Vision for your life.

Smoke Of Satan

Bella Dodd’s prediction also coincides with the violent wave that hit the Church in the 1960s, due to the progressivism and ecumenism of the Second Vatican Council, which continues to disfigure our religion to this hour. For these and other reasons, I think we may consider Our Lord’s revelations on Reparation to the Holy Face as a veiled prophecy of the present crisis of Faith. And practicing this devotion, I believe, is a special means of making reparation to Our Lord for the outrages He suffers in our time. It might, perhaps, even give us special graces to be faithful unto death to the traditional teaching and practice in the Church during this period of – in the words of Fatima’s Sister Lucy – “diabolic disorientation” of the upper hierarchy. And even if this devotion does not give us these graces automatically, we can certainly ask for them in our prayers to the Holy Face. Our Lord has given us great hope in one of the Nine Promises:

“Nothing that you ask in making this offering [of His Holy Face] will be refused to you.”

To cap off this section on the present crisis in the Church, there is one last quotation from Our Lord of special relevance.

On February 13, 1848, in one of the final messages given to Sister Saint-Pierre, Our Lord made the urgent plea: “The Church is threatened by a fearful tempest, pray, pray!”

The writers at the time interpreted this as a prediction of the suffering the Church underwent during the 19th Century revolutions in France and Italy. But in light of the above considerations, this prediction seems to apply even more to the ongoing crisis of Faith since the Second Vatican Council. Because indeed, the Church is now going through a “fearful tempest.”

Even Pope Paul VI had to admit in 1972 that “the smoke of satan has entered the Church of God.”

Tragically, everything in the Church has become even more disfigured since Paul VI uttered these terrifying words.

From the book: The Revelations Of The Holy Face Of Jesus

Anything Is Possible

These arms must appear on our banners and at all costs we must keep this rule as regards our house, our clothes, our speech, and (which is much more important) our thoughts. So long as this is done, there need be no fear, with the help of God, that religious observances in this house will decline, for, as Saint Claire said, the walls of poverty are very strong. It was with these walls she said, and with those of humility, that she wished to surround her convents, and assuredly, if the rule of poverty is truly kept, both chastity and all the other virtues are fortified much better than by the most sumptuous edifices. Have a care to this, for the love of God; and this I beg of you by His Blood.

From the book: The Way Of Perfection

Saint Teresa of Avila

Many Remain Fixed in Misleading, Historically Conditioned Interpretations of Our Lady’s Words

Many Remain Fixed in Misleading, Historically Conditioned Interpretations of Our Lady’s Words

Interpreting the Message in this fashion has led to the tendentious and dogmatized belief that the matters dealt with in the Message and most specifically what is dealt with in the July 13 Secret are matters that, as Cardinal Sodano maintained, “seem to pertain to the past.“ One wonders if he was gazing into a crystal ball when the thought struck him, since such a blunt statement at that would require definite knowledge of future events, yet Cardinal Sodano has never claimed any special prophetic gift. This sort of arbitrary and overly simplistic understanding of the terms and the false conclusion they led to, might have been justified if the errors of Marxist- Leninist Russia had somehow risen from a pipe directly from the pit of Hell straight up into the Bolshevist headquarters in Moscow, only to be brought to an abrupt end with the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991.

But the Soviet. It did not come into being and subsequently end in such a simple manner.

The Fatima Crusader

Summer 2011