Valley Of Tears

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells the story of a journey through the states in a coach. It was a day in which the clouds were low and heavily charged, and the people in that coach were silent, preoccupied inside, as they went on their journey. Here and there the coach stopped. At one place, a young woman got in carrying her baby in her arms. She was tall and radiant and beautiful. And they continued on their journey. But somehow, something happened. It seemed as if the atmosphere was completely changed. The people were chatting animatedly, one with another, now, all because of the advent of this unknown woman and her child into their lives. We, too, are on a journey, down here in this valley of tears; and there is a woman and her child in our lives, too. But we know who She is – Mary, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. The Vatican Council reminds us that Our Lady must be in our lives under two headings – as our Mother and as our model. She’s your Mother and mine, far more truly than that being on earth whom we call “Mother. “ For if, at this moment, you are alive with God’s own Life, if there is now coursing through your veins and beating next your heart something of the ending life of the Blessed Trinity, if Christ is being formed in you, if there is in you that grace that will one day blossom into glory, it is all because Our Lady said, “Yes “to God when He asked Her if She would be the channel through which she would come and live in you.

From the book: Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

What Then

It is certain, my Lord, that in these days withdrawl from the world means no sacrifice at all. Since worldly people have so little respect for Thee, what can we expect them to have for us? Can it be that we deserve that they should treat us any better than they have treated Thee? Have we done more for them than Thou hast done that they should be friendly to us? What then? What can we expect- we who, through the goodness of the Lord, are free from that pestilential infection, and do not, like those others, belong to the devil? They have won severe punishment at his hand and their pleasures have richly earned them eternal fire. So to eternal fire they will have to go, though none the less it breaks my heart to see so many souls traveling to perdition. I would the evil were not so great and I did not see more being lost every day.

From the book: The Way of Perfection Saint Teresa of Avila

In Defiance

For the first time in our sacred history, in defiance of 2,000 years of Catholic Teaching, it is ecclesiastical policy to accept members of false religions as they are, rather than combat their errors and work to convert them to the one true Church of Christ. This is especially evident in the well-known statement by Cardinal Walter Kasper, then-prefect of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Kasper said:

“… today we no longer understand ecumenism in the sense of a return, by which the others would ‘be converted’ and to return to being ‘Catholics’. This was especially abandoned at Vatican II.”

This statement, which scorns the thrice defined dogma that “outside the Church there is no salvation, “actually reflects the true “Spirit of Vatican II. “Father Joseph Ratzinger, in his 1966 book, `Theological Reflections of Vatican II’ , said the same thing about the Council’s new orientation to non-Catholics. Ratzinger explains:

“ The Catholic Church has no right to absorb the other Churches …[A] basic unity – of Churches that remain Churches, yet become one Church – must replace the idea of conversion, even though conversion retains its meaningfulness for those in conscience motivated to seek it.

From the book: The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

Bury The Hatchet

In Ireland, we used to say that we were willing to bury the hatchet but we made sure to mark the spot because we might need it again. Oh, no! That cannot be! We must go and find a deep river or lake or the ocean and stand there and throw it in over our shoulders and forget it; otherwise, we will not be children of God, as we are destined to be. Do we ever stop to think of what we say every day in the prayer our Lord taught us? “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” In effect I’m saying, “Lord, You see the way I treat those who have hurt me. You see my understanding, my generosity, my compassion, and my genuine forgiveness. That’s the way you must treat me. “ My dear friends, if you and I, as a child of God, are destined on this earth to show forth His forgiveness, His love, His compassion, His mercy to the human beings around us, then we must go on striving every day to meet His standards and live by His ideals. And surely this is a prayer that finds an echo in our hearts. “Oh, Lord, please teach me to forgive. As I come out of my darkness and my loneliness and my selfishness, help me to share with others and never grow weary of sharing the forgiveness and the love that You are forever giving to me. “

From the book: Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Mary Actively Dispenses All Graces

Mary Actively Dispenses All Graces

In Her Apparition to the Carmelite postulant Teresita Castillo in Lipa City, Philippines in 1948, the Mother of God revealed Her title of Mediatrix of all Grace.

The sacred Liturgy has already professed Her to be the Mediatrix Omnium Gratiarum. Saint Pius X explains that “the dispensation of these treasures is the particular and peculiar right of Jesus Christ, for they are the exclusive fruit of His Death, who by His nature is the meditator between God and man. Nevertheless, “Pius X continues, “by the companionship and sorrow and suffering and entirely participating in His Passion, She merited to become most worthily the Reparatrix of the lost world, … Dispensatrix of all the gifts that Our Savior purchased by his Death and His Blood … (and) it has been allowed to the august Virgin to be the most powerful mediatrix and advocate of the whole world with Her Divine Son’ (Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus).

Hence, Saint Pius X continues, “far from attributing to the Mother of God a productive power of Grace – a power which belongs to God alone, yet… She merits ‘de congruo’ what Jesus Christ merits for us ‘de condigno’, and She is the supreme minister of the distribution of graces.

Jesus ‘sitteth on the right hand of the Majesty on high’ (Hebrews 1:3) Mary sitteth at the right hand of Her Son – a refuge so secure and a help so trusty against all dangers that we have nothing to fear or to despair under Her guidance, Her patronage, Her protection. (Pius IX, in the Bull Ineffabilis Deus).”

Fatima Crusader Summer 2011 Issue 99

Father Paul Kramer B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

God Never Fails To Help

“At about this time there came to my notice the harm and havoc that were being wrought in France by these Lutherans in the way in which their unhappysect was increasing. This troubled me very much, and, as though I could do anything, or be of any help in the matter, I worked before the Lord and entreated Him to remedy this great evil. I felt that I would have laid down 1000 lives to save a single one of all the souls who were being lost there. And, seeing that I was a woman, and a sinner, and incapable of doing all I should like in the Lord’s service, and as my whole yearning was, and still is, that, as He has so many enemies and so few friends, these last should be trusty ones, I determined to do the little that was in me namely, to follow the evangelical counsels as perfectly as I could, and to see that these few nuns who are here should do the same, confiding in the great goodness of God, Who never fails to help those who resolve to forsake everything for His sake.

As they are all that I have ever painted them as being in my desires, I hoped that their virtues would more than counteract my defects, and I should thus be able to give the Lord some pleasure, and all of us, by busying ourselves in prayer for those who are defenders of the Church, and for the preachers and learned men who defend Her, should do everything we could to aid this Lord of mine Who is so much oppressed by those to whom He has shown so much good that it seems as though these traitors would send Him to the Cross again and that He would have nowhere to lay His Head.”

From the book: The Way of Perfection Saint Teresa of Avila

How Does The Catholic Sin Against Faith?

The Catechism then asks “How does the Catholic sin against Faith? “

Answer: “A Catholic sins against Faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.”

By taking part in non-Catholic worship!

This, indeed, is a powerful indictment against the present ecumenical practice that has swept through and disfigured the Church since the Council.

Thanks to ecumenism, we witnessed the unprecedented scandal of Catholic prelates, Priests and laity praying in public with members of false religions, and even conducting this interdenominational worship [which is no worship at all] inside Protestant churches. We see our highest leaders in the Church dialoguing with heresy, rather than combating it openly and courageously.

From the book: The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

Of The Reason Which Moved Me to Found this Convent In Such Strict Observance.

Of the reason which moved me to found this Convent in such strict observance.

“When this Convent was originally founded, for the reasons set down in the book which, as I say, I have already written, and also because of certain wonderful revelations by which the Lord showed me how well He would be served in this house, it was not my intention that there would be so much austerity in external matters, nor that it should have no regular income: on the contrary, I should have liked there to be no possibility of want. I acted, in short, like the weak and wretched woman that I am, although I did so with good intentions and not out of the consideration for my own comfort.”

From the book: The Way of Perfection Saint Teresa of Avila


I remember many years ago, preaching at a funeral of an old, old man. And it was very difficult because there was an old man in the front pew who cried from his heart all during Mass. At the end of Mass, I went to speak to him and I said, “Was the man who died your friend? “He said, “Father, he was my brother. He was my only brother and we have not spoken for 50 years. And I was always coming to tell him I was sorry. I was always going to ask for his forgiveness. I was always going to visit him but I never did. And now it’s too late. And from beyond the grave I want him to forgive me, and I want My God to forgive me. “And I said to him, “What was the problem? What was the difficulty you had? He said, “I have forgotten. “How sad! How tragic! All those years he was carrying this heavy load, this burden because he never came to ask for forgiveness.

From the book: Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

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