I see His Blood upon the rose; and in the stars, the glory of His Eyes. His Body gleams amid eternal snows; His tears fall from the skies.

How real He was for the Dominican lay woman, Saint Catherine of Siena. “All the way to Heaven is Heaven, “she said, “because of Him Who is the Way living in me. “How real He was for the great Spanish mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila. “Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you. All things are passing. God alone is changeless. And he who has God wants nothing. “ How real He was for the Irish poet Joseph Mary Plunkett. “I see His Blood upon the rose; and in the stars, the glory of His Eyes. His Body gleams amid eternal snows; His tears fall from the skies. I see His Face in every flower. The thunder and singing of the birds are but His Voice. Carven by His power, rocks are His written words. All pathways by His Feet are worn. His strong Heart stirs the ever-beating sea. His Crown Of Thorns is twined with every thorn; His Cross is every tree. “

Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Satan Never Attacks the Same Way Twice

The past 24 hours has reminded me of walking in the desert with the Israelites. In my life, Satan never attacks me the same way twice. The closer I get to God, Satans attack’s are different than they were years ago. My walk with God began when I was 15. I thought I knew Satans attacks and when to be careful to not fall into his trap.

Like how God meets us where we are, Satan knows where God is meeting us and stands at the fork in the road. Gods Grace enlightened me this morning in the midst of silence about the attack from Satan. He told me He allowed it and Satan wanted me to fall, that Satan wants me badly and to be vigilant.

If you are under attack, you may not even know, if you are feeling at odds with yourself, ask God to reveal what is going on.

Your prayers helped me tremendously. Intercessory prayer is one of the main must haves in life, in more than one way.

January 24, 2016

I awoke this morning and laid in bed. I haven’t been in a good place for a few days and my Faith has been tested. I asked God what more can I do. I immediately saw Simon helping Jesus carry His Cross. Jesus kept dropping the cross He was carrying, the cross He was to be crucified on. Simon stepped out of from the crowd and helped Jesus. Simon took part of the suffering of Jesus.

I felt a sudden peace come over my whole body. I felt God tell me to partake in her suffering. To help her in the only way that I can. I will be there for her just as Simon was there for Jesus. I cannot pray this cross away. This is something that she must go through. God showed me her healthy, in Heaven and assured me that when her time on earth is over that she will be walking the Emerald streets in Heaven. (Revelation 21:1)

Today, from now on, I promise that I will have a happy heart, I will remember the promise that God put into my heart this morning. I will keep that vision of my Mother healthy in body and mind. She was born into tragedy and now she’s dying a tragic death. Her life has never been easy, from the moment that she was born. One day, I will share her life story and it will have a happy ending ❤️ I love you so much Mom ❤️ We will carry this cross together. I promise you. ❤️

This Policy of Infiltrating Seminaries was successful beyond even our Communist expectations.

Mr. Manning Johnson, gave similar testimony. In 1953, to the House Un-American Activities committee, he said: “ Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin … The Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through the infiltration of the Church by Communists operating within the Church itself.”

He then stated, “This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our Communist expectations. “

It is probably no coincidence that at the same time Mr. Johnson gave this testimony, the French Dominicans had become so Communistic in their orientation that in 1953, the Order barely escaped dissolution by command of Pope Pius XII.

From the book: The Revelations Of The Holy Face Of Jesus by John Vennari

Holy Poverty

My daughters must believe that it is for their own good that the Lord has enabled me to realize in some small degree what blessings are to be found in holy poverty. Those of them who practice it will also realize this, though perhaps not as clearly as I do; for, although I had professed poverty, I was not only without poverty of spirit, but my spirit was devoid of all restraint. Poverty is good and contains within itself all the good things in the world. It is a great domain – I mean that he who cares nothing for the good things of the world has dominion over them all. What do kings and Lord’s matter to me if I have no desire to possess their money, or to please them, if by doing so I should cause the least displeasure to God? And what do their honors mean to me if I have realized that the chief of a poor man consists in his being truly poor?

From the book: The Way Of Perfection Saint Teresa Of Avila

Isn’t That Our Problem? We Always Want Things To Make Sense In Our Terms.

“Well, my dear friends, you don’t need to have much imagination to imagine Our Lady in the seventh month, the eighth month, the ninth month, with life stirring within Her. As like all mothers-to-be, She was crocheting and knitting and preparing for the birth of the child. And then one morning, a selfish, moody, compulsive man who had authority from God, decided that his people should be enrolled. Joseph would go and do his duty; Mary would go with him. They arrived in a crowded city. Every door is closed; every face is hard. There is no room for them in the inn. They have to go into a stable to bring forth the Child. You know what the Franciscans have done with the crib. It is so romantic; it is so inspiring. What was the reality? Put yourself in Our Lady’s place. Where is the angel now? Where is God now? Was she forgotten, neglected, and abandoned because She had to bring forth a child in a stable? It did not make sense. But She believed. Isn’t that our problem? We always want things to make sense in our terms. We have to understand; we have to be able to fathom; we have to be on top of every situation. Our Lady is our model in Faith; in accepting by faith what She could not understand.

Well, She was about over that shock when She got in for another one. She had to take the Child to Egypt. If there was a bad word for the Jews, it was “Egypt,” because She knew what God had to do to get His people out of Egypt. And now send them back into Egypt?

It doesn’t make sense by our sophisticated standards. And She went; and She stayed; and She returned when the Angel told Joseph, “to Nazareth. “And She saw Him grow up through the difficult years of adolescence. She saw Him become 25, She saw Him become 30, doing nothing for the salvation of the world by our standards. And then He went out and surrounded Himself with people who did not understand Him; people who were obtuse, selfish, unthinking and ambitious.

At the end, one of them betrayed Him and died in despair at his own hand; another one denied Him and the rest ran away and left him to die alone.”

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Keep Your Eyes Fixed Upon Your Spouse: It Is For Him To Sustain You

Do not think, my sister’s, that because you do not go about trying to please people in the world you will lack food. You will not, I assure you: never try to sustain yourselves by human artifices, or you will die of hunger, and rightly so. Keep your eyes fixed upon your Spouse: it is for Him to sustain you; and, if He is pleased with you, even those who like you least will give you food, if unwillingly, as you have found by experience. If you should do as I say and yet die of hunger, then happy are the Nuns of St. Joseph’s! For the love of the Lord, let us not forget this: you have forgone a regular income; forgo worry about food as well, or you will lose everything.

Let those whom the Lord wishes to live on an income due so: if that is their vocation they are perfectly justified; but for us to do so, sisters, would be inconsistent.

From the book: The Way Of Perfection Saint Teresa Of Avila