Isn’t That Our Problem? We Always Want Things To Make Sense In Our Terms.

“Well, my dear friends, you don’t need to have much imagination to imagine Our Lady in the seventh month, the eighth month, the ninth month, with life stirring within Her. As like all mothers-to-be, She was crocheting and knitting and preparing for the birth of the child. And then one morning, a selfish, moody, compulsive man who had authority from God, decided that his people should be enrolled. Joseph would go and do his duty; Mary would go with him. They arrived in a crowded city. Every door is closed; every face is hard. There is no room for them in the inn. They have to go into a stable to bring forth the Child. You know what the Franciscans have done with the crib. It is so romantic; it is so inspiring. What was the reality? Put yourself in Our Lady’s place. Where is the angel now? Where is God now? Was she forgotten, neglected, and abandoned because She had to bring forth a child in a stable? It did not make sense. But She believed. Isn’t that our problem? We always want things to make sense in our terms. We have to understand; we have to be able to fathom; we have to be on top of every situation. Our Lady is our model in Faith; in accepting by faith what She could not understand.

Well, She was about over that shock when She got in for another one. She had to take the Child to Egypt. If there was a bad word for the Jews, it was “Egypt,” because She knew what God had to do to get His people out of Egypt. And now send them back into Egypt?

It doesn’t make sense by our sophisticated standards. And She went; and She stayed; and She returned when the Angel told Joseph, “to Nazareth. “And She saw Him grow up through the difficult years of adolescence. She saw Him become 25, She saw Him become 30, doing nothing for the salvation of the world by our standards. And then He went out and surrounded Himself with people who did not understand Him; people who were obtuse, selfish, unthinking and ambitious.

At the end, one of them betrayed Him and died in despair at his own hand; another one denied Him and the rest ran away and left him to die alone.”

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Keep Your Eyes Fixed Upon Your Spouse: It Is For Him To Sustain You

Do not think, my sister’s, that because you do not go about trying to please people in the world you will lack food. You will not, I assure you: never try to sustain yourselves by human artifices, or you will die of hunger, and rightly so. Keep your eyes fixed upon your Spouse: it is for Him to sustain you; and, if He is pleased with you, even those who like you least will give you food, if unwillingly, as you have found by experience. If you should do as I say and yet die of hunger, then happy are the Nuns of St. Joseph’s! For the love of the Lord, let us not forget this: you have forgone a regular income; forgo worry about food as well, or you will lose everything.

Let those whom the Lord wishes to live on an income due so: if that is their vocation they are perfectly justified; but for us to do so, sisters, would be inconsistent.

From the book: The Way Of Perfection Saint Teresa Of Avila

God, Who Made Us Without Us, Will Not Save Us Without Us

We must trust the Virgin most powerful

“Oh yes, if we trust as we should in Mary … we shall recognize in Her that Virgin most powerful ‘who with virginal foot did crush the head of the serpent.’ (Off. Immac. Conc.) However, as Saint Augustine says, “God, who made us without us, will not save us without us” -so if we are going to be saved from the evils that engulf the world and threaten to bring the world to ruin and perdition, we must cooperate with God’s grace according to the design of His wisdom which has ordained that the saving grace be granted through Mary in the manner that She has requested. It behooves us urgently therefore to examine the precise nature of the requests Our Lady made at Fatima.

Fatima Crusader Summer 2011

Issue 99

Mortalium Animos

This is one of the many reasons why the Church always forbade the type of ecumenical practice propagated since Vatican II, because it places the One True Religion established by Our Lord on the same base level as man-made creeds.

In fact, 2000 years of Catholic Teaching condemning ecumenism is summarized in Pope Pius XI’s 1928 encyclical, Mortalium Animos, which was a prophetic, wholesale condemnation of Vatican II‘s ecumenism. It was here that Pope Pius warned:

“… it is clear that the Apostolic See can by no means take part in these assemblies, or it is in any way lawful for Catholics to give such [ecumenical] enterprise their encouragement and support. For if they did so, they would be giving countenance to a false Christianity, quite alien to the one Church of Christ. “

Likewise, the Scriptural condemnation of religious affiliation with non-Catholics is masterfully demonstrated by Bishop George Hay, especially in his book The Sincere Christian, under the heading, “On Communicating In Religion with Those who are Separated from the Church of Christ. “

From the book: The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

This Must Be Your Business

“Oh, my sisters in Christ! Help me to entreat this of the Lord, Who has brought you together here for that very purpose. This is your vocation; this must be your business; these must be your desires; these your tears; these your petitions.

Let us not pray for worldly things, my sisters. It makes me laugh, and yet it makes me sad, when I hear of the things which people come here to beg us to pray to God for; we are to ask His Majesty to give them money and to provide them with incomes – I wish that some of these people would entreat God to enable them to trample all such things beneath their feet.

Their intentions are quite good, and I do as they ask because I see that they are really devout people, though I do not myself believe that God ever hears me when I pay for such things. The world is on fire. Men try to condemn Christ once again, as it were, for they bring a thousand false witness against Him.

They would raise His Church to the ground – and are we to waste our time upon things which, if God were to grant them, would perhaps bring one soul less to Heaven? No, my sisters, this is no time to treat with God for things of little importance.

Were it not necessary to consider human frailty, which finds satisfaction in every kind of help – and it is always a good thing if we can be of any help to people – I should like it to be understood that it is not for things like these that God should be importuned with such anxiety.”

From the book: The Way of Perfection Saint Teresa Of Avila

She believed that He was Her Father; that He loved Her, that She was His child, and that She would accept whatever He arranged.

She is the Mother of the Christ who is to be formed in you and me. And when we need Our Mother to help us to do the great work that is our challenge in life. And She’s our model in Faith. Saint Augustine reminds us that Our Lady was the first disciple, and that She brought Chris alive by Faith in Her soul long before She brought Him alive in Her Body.

When Our Lady said to the Angel, “ Be it done unto me according to Thy Word, “She set out on the greatest adventure possible for a human being. She gave God a blank check on Her life. No more questions would be asked. She believed that He was Her Father; that He loved Her, that She was His child, and that She would accept whatever He arranged.

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

I Will Set My Bow In The Clouds

The same Holy Pontiff concludes: “True, we are passing through disastrous times, when we may well make our own the lamentation of the Prophet: ‘There is no truth and no mercy and no knowledge of God on the Earth. Blasphemy and lying homicide and theft and adultery have inundated it.’ (Os. 4:1-2).

Yet, in the midst of this deluge of evil, the Virgin Most Clement rises before our eyes like a rainbow. As the arbiter of peace between God and man: ‘I will set my bow in the clouds and it shall be the sign of a covenant between Me and the Earth’ (Gen.9:13).”

The Fatima Crusader Summer 2011 Issue 99

Father Paul Kramer


Where There Is No Hatred of Heresy, There Is No Holiness.

This new orientation, that claims that non-Catholics need not convert because they are “in some mysterious way “part of the Church of Christ, defies the Churches perennial teaching on the necessity of non-Catholics to abandon their errors and return to the one true Church of Jesus Christ, as was summed up in Pius XII’s 1949 Instruction on the Ecumenical Movement:

“True reunion can only come about by the return of dissidents to the the one true Church of Christ the Catholic Church.”

Further, this refusal to combat heresy particularly the heresy of Protestantism, brings to mind the words of the renowned 19th Century writer, Father Frederick Faber, who said, “Where there is no hatred of heresy, there is no holiness. “

From the book: The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

Valley Of Tears

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells the story of a journey through the states in a coach. It was a day in which the clouds were low and heavily charged, and the people in that coach were silent, preoccupied inside, as they went on their journey. Here and there the coach stopped. At one place, a young woman got in carrying her baby in her arms. She was tall and radiant and beautiful. And they continued on their journey. But somehow, something happened. It seemed as if the atmosphere was completely changed. The people were chatting animatedly, one with another, now, all because of the advent of this unknown woman and her child into their lives. We, too, are on a journey, down here in this valley of tears; and there is a woman and her child in our lives, too. But we know who She is – Mary, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. The Vatican Council reminds us that Our Lady must be in our lives under two headings – as our Mother and as our model. She’s your Mother and mine, far more truly than that being on earth whom we call “Mother. “ For if, at this moment, you are alive with God’s own Life, if there is now coursing through your veins and beating next your heart something of the ending life of the Blessed Trinity, if Christ is being formed in you, if there is in you that grace that will one day blossom into glory, it is all because Our Lady said, “Yes “to God when He asked Her if She would be the channel through which she would come and live in you.

From the book: Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

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