Judas, Remember What I Taught You.

“Judas, if true love never ceases, how could you, my friend, have come to this? To sell me for 30 pieces of silver, betray me with a kiss? Judas, remember what I taught you. Do not despair while hanging on that rope. It’s because you’ve sinned that I have sought you. I came to give you hope. Judas, let’s pray and hang together, you on your halter, I upon my hill. Dear friend, even if you loved me never, you know I love you still.”


And Even Though Our Sins Be As Red as Scarlet …

“And even though our sins be as red as Scarlet, He will make our souls as white as snow. “And when we tell the Lord our misgivings, we will hear from Him the loveliest words we shall ever hear this side of Paradise: “And I absolve you from your sins in the Name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Where You and I come With Our Sorrow and Our Sincerity.

The thief on the cross, this man, after a lifetime of evil, who must have emptied many pockets as he broke many hearts, here he is being given Heaven in a moment by the grand and noble gesture by the God whose name is Love.

Remember that same love and mercy and compassion and understanding is alive in the Church today with the same Lord, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Sacrament of Penance, where you and I come with our sorrow and our sincerity.

From the book; Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

I Would Still Fling Myself Into the Arms of His Mercy

The Little Flower, that extraordinary French girl who died in a convent and Normandy at the age of 24, tells us that if she had not become a saint – become a Nun, rather – she would have become one of the great sinners of the world. She knew Him. She said, “Even though I should have every mortal sin in the world on my soul, I would still fling myself into the arms of His Mercy, knowing that He loves me.”

Is this the God who we know? Whom I know? Our challenge is to believe what He has revealed. And so much for His theory; what was He like in practice? How did He treat sinners? Magdalene, whom respectable people avoided, persons were taken away because she believed, because she loved.

From the book; Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

The Prophecy

The most Holy Virgin Mary with Her servants and with us, show us the way. Got has given the world a gift in Mary – the prophecy of love – and we must look toward Jesus, Prophet of love crucified by love, and we should never give up.

Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara

From the Fatima Crusader Summer 2011

The Holy Face of Jesus

Three decades and two Archbishops later, in 1875, Monsignor Charles Colet became Archbishop of Tours. In the first year of his Episcopacy he broke the seals on the writings of Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre in order to a perform a thorough examination of them. He even sent these writings for examination to the eminent Benedictine Dom Gueranger at Solesmes Abby (Dom Gueranger is the author of the classic multi-volume work The Liturgical Year.)

Dom Gueranger and the Benedictions returned the documents with the highest recommendations. So, Archbishop Colet, who was not only well-disposed, but seemed anxious to see the Work of Reparation inaugurated, gave permission and urged that the life and revelations be published.

From the book; The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

It is necessary to look within ourselves.

It is necessary to look within ourselves but in order to look within ourselves we have to let ourselves be guided by the sentiments of Mary, especially those sentiments she experienced on Holy Saturday.

How do we confront strange sentiments? Do we confront them as if they were impenetrable breastplates or changing winds? At other times we find within ourselves sentiments of contrast, resistance, and make of them a law telling us there is nothing we can do. In reality the sentiments of other people are changeable and we have to watch and search until the door is opened.

Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara

The Fatima Crusader Summer 2011 Issue 99

How Can We Make It Understood?

How can we make it understood to others what Our Mother seems so clearly to give us to understand? How can we move forward with obedience to the Faith – Faith which is beyond all human authority?

I believe the way has been shown to us by our Most Holy Mother, Herself, to understand the meaning of this battle – a battle that provokes the antipathy which stirs within our souls.

Bishop Mata Guevara

The Fatima Crusader Summer 2011 issue 99


Night of the Sentiments

Bishop Mata Guevara

I had already prepared a reflection about the “Night of the Sentiments”, having read a recent message of Father Gruner who feels himself alone in this battle to make the innermost secrets of Fatima understood; in particular, the Third Secret.

Indeed, this seems to me to be the battle of David and Goliath. But with a big difference -in this case, both David and Goliath love Our Mother and everyone looks toward obedience to the Faith.

We find ourselves in the darkness of night. Though both darkness and light occupy our hearts, our reason seems to be in a fog.

The Fatima Crusaders Summer 2011 issue 99


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