Two Footprints Will Carry You

There are times in our Walk with God that we see only Two Footprints.

The older we get, looking back, we wonder how is it that we got through the tumultuous times. Some of those times, for some of us, feels like closing the book after the last page, clicking the off button on the remote control when the movie has ended. Thinking to yourself, “That is a crazy story, or we say, “I cannot imagine having to go through what it is that he/she went through.”

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for those times in my life where I made the decision to see only Two Foot Prints. By choosing to acknowledge only Two Footprints, I have knowledge of Your Presence in my life and the ability to want You to instruct me in all that I say and all that do. Amen.

Last Trumpet

You remember the lovely story of Saint Charles Borromeo, who loved to play cards. One day he was observed in his game of cards when someone nearby said to him, “What would you do if Gabriel were to sound the last trumpet now? “He said, “I would go on playing cards, “because he was playing cards with the Lord. Is there something in your day or mine from which He is excluded?

From the Book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

Being Roman Catholic, I have experienced criticism, hateful words, questions, and quizzical looks.

In a day and age where everyone is supposed to be accepting, tolerant and to let one live their life, why is it that when it comes to Catholicism many have a disgust look? Is it because of the scandals? The presumption that Roman Catholics are stuck up? Too rigid?

The Mother Church – the only One True Church of Jesus Christ has been under fire for decades.

As a Roman Catholic, I am not in agreement with what has happened in the Church with the sex abuse scandal and other wrongdoings. I believe that whoever has committed crimes, should be brought to justice.

The Roman Catholic Church, as a whole, should not be condemned due to the acts of some very selfish people who decided to commit some of the most erroneous acts.

God did not to do this, Jesus Christ did not do this, the Blessed Mother Mary did not to do this, the Saints did not do this and, the parishioners and the all the Roman Catholic Priests did not commit these unspeakable crimes.

If a father molests his children that does not mean that all fathers in the world are sexual abusers. If a mother beats her child, does that mean that every single mother in the world is going to beat their child? Because a teacher loses patience with students and decides to physically harm them, does that mean that every single educator in the world will have a finger pointed at them for being possibly abusive?

One bad cop means that all cops are bad? A Doctor who goes into the operating room under the influence, does that mean that every single doctor is going to be performing surgeries intoxicated?

The point being made is this, not everyone should be put into the same category because someone has done something wrong. We are all individuals, and there are more good Priests and religious people in the world than there are corrupt.

Let’s remember that the reason the Roman Catholic Church is the only True Church of Jesus Christ is due to the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

How About You and Me?

How about you and me? As we go on our unremembered way down here in this valley of tears, how real has the Lord become for you and me? Have we discovered Him to be what He is – Our changeless friend, the companion of our exile, the lover of our soul, Our Father and Our God? Surely, if you and I believe what we say we believe, we cannot begin a day without some thought of Him. The new day, freshly minted from His Hand, in love, to you and me, given us so that we may discover Him. And He’s in us, wanting to share all the trivia of our waking hours, wanting to be part of everything. Is there something in your day or mine from which He is to be excluded?

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford

Useful Reflections On Why God Wants Specifically Russia Consecrated

Useful Reflections On Why God Wants Specifically Russia Consecrated

Before we examine the question of whether or not the Consecration of Russia has been validly performed in the manner specifically requested by Our Lady, and pointing out the fallacies in the arguments of those who contend that it has been performed, it will be useful to examine why it is that Our Lady requests specifically the Consecration of Russia and not the whole world or some other nation that on the surface and from a spatially and temporarily circumscribed perspective may appear to be more in need of such a consecration.

From the moral perspective this question can really only be examined speculatively, since it would be presumptuous and hypocritical for anyone to require God and Our Lady to justify and explain, as a basis and prerequisite for obedience, why They are making this specific request. Such behavior would be analogous to that of a child who would refuse to obey the command of a parent unless the parent would provide a satisfactory explanation to the child why it is being so commanded.

That would be an attitude of rebellion, insubordination and disobedience. Just as parents usually respond to such insubordinate demands of their children for explanations to the question “Why? “By saying: “Because I said so! “, so likewise God, whose authority is infinitely more offended by such rebellious insubordination, has declined to provide any more information than is needed for the pastors of the Church to reasonably obey and carry out the requested Consecration of Russia with a sufficiently informed conscience. Nevertheless, it is useful for our understanding to examine the question.

Fatima Crusader

Summer 2011

Issue 99

Lock, Stock and Barrel

More testimony from Bella Dodd came from an eye witness, an acquaintance of mine, now deceased, who actually heard Bella Dodd speak in the early 1950s.

Bella Dodd said that the Communists, at that point (1950s), had their men in the highest places in the Catholic Church. These men were working to bring about change so that the Church would no longer be effective against Communism. In the early 1950s, describing the changes that would take place in the future, Bella Dodd predicted “in 10 or 15 years, you will not recognize the Catholic Church. “

She explained that the tactic was to destroy not the institution of the Church, but rather the Faith of the people, and to even use the institution of the Church, if possible, to destroy the Faith through the promotion of a pseudo religion – something that resembles Catholicism, but is not quite the real thing.

Mrs. Dodd also claimed that the Communists were a driving force for the United Nations, and that the Communist owned the World Council Of Churches “lock, stock and barrel.” This is especially noteworthy since the world Council of Churches was a pioneer in “dialogue” and ecumenism. The World Council of Churches boasts that it is “the most nearly comprehensive instrument in the ecumenical movement in the world today.”

From the book: The Revelations Of The Holy Face Of Jesus by John Vennari

I see His Blood upon the rose; and in the stars, the glory of His Eyes. His Body gleams amid eternal snows; His tears fall from the skies.

How real He was for the Dominican lay woman, Saint Catherine of Siena. “All the way to Heaven is Heaven, “she said, “because of Him Who is the Way living in me. “How real He was for the great Spanish mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila. “Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you. All things are passing. God alone is changeless. And he who has God wants nothing. “ How real He was for the Irish poet Joseph Mary Plunkett. “I see His Blood upon the rose; and in the stars, the glory of His Eyes. His Body gleams amid eternal snows; His tears fall from the skies. I see His Face in every flower. The thunder and singing of the birds are but His Voice. Carven by His power, rocks are His written words. All pathways by His Feet are worn. His strong Heart stirs the ever-beating sea. His Crown Of Thorns is twined with every thorn; His Cross is every tree. “

Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

From the book: Reflections With Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.