Chocolate Chips

Yesterday I made some chocolate chip muffins, (extra chocolate chips) and as I was putting the chocolate chips into the flour I tasted one. I’ve tasted chocolate chips, hundreds of times. I’ve never stopped and noticed in that moment what chocolate really tastes like and how God made it taste a particular way for our palate.

How many of us have had a chocolate chip cookie? A chocolate chip muffin? Just grabbed a handful of chocolate chips and tossed them into our mouth? Have you ever stopped and thought, and said, “Wow God, You know thank You for that, thank you for this wonderful taste, thank You that chocolate is so amazing and it’s celebrated throughout the world, through so many wonderful occasions.”

If chocolate chips can be forgotten about, how many other things in this life are we not thanking God for? Are we thanking Him for the beautiful sunsets and sunrises? Many of us take them for advantage.

Life is a set of moments and while we will not be able to capture every one, let’s start by doing our own part and say thank You for any and everything that you never said thank You for.  It helps us to become better people, it helps us to appreciate the little things, like the smile on a child’s face, an elderly person, having so much confidence in being able to walk and witnessing that smile that they thought nobody saw – thank God for moments like that too.

Be appreciative on purpose. 

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