Our Priests

Our Priests are not dispensary machines. I think as laypeople, it becomes very easy to think of our Priests as available 24/7. It seems like it doesn’t matter if they have enjoyments and that God has given to them gifts – that He wants them to aspire. When you see

Broken Stones

I am amazed by these stepping stones. Started thinking about them… I saw each stone as an event in life. Some are ragged, some are cracked, some are not on the path with the others -and some have been consumed by weeds. I then was fascinated by the tiny stones

A 12 year old Atheist

I walked into my dad’s bedroom to grab something and laying on top of his dresser was the divorce papers. I remember looking at the paper and seeing that the divorce was final. In a way, I cannot say that I was too sad.  The fights, the late night


A weed is but an unloved flower. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox As a child, dandelions to me, were smiles in my back yard. If I could have put googly eyes on them, I would have had a backyard full of friends. I remember going for walks and seeing people cut

A Little Miracle In Maine

“The earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson When one opens the door and walks outside, how taken aback you become as you look at the trees, look at the branches and you see Jesus in everything, God’s Creation is everywhere. My earliest memory of walking through fields would

A Mother’s Heart

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver   This year, I turned 44 years old. My sons are 26 years old and 20 years old. Some of my friends children are grown like mine, although not many, and many are just beginning their lives

Be In Moments

Look at this flower. Has anyone ever looked at a flower and pictured God creating a flower? I really looked at the Peonies today that I have in my house and I said to God, “You did this for me. You did this so I would look over and see

Heavens Masterpieces

Our Lady comes from Heaven to live inside each one of us. She brings us to Her Son. Our Lady will lead each one of us, if we choose, to prepare us, in a special way to communicate with Her Son. Our Lady is the Changer Of Hearts, She is

He Left To Remain In Their Nothingness

“Did you ever stop to think that God never had to create you? Never! Millions of possible human beings whom God saw when He created you, He left to remain in their nothingness, and they might have worshipped Him a thousand times better than you will ever worship Him. They

Sister Saint-Pierre

For our final considerations, we will discuss how Sister Saint-Pierre served as a precursor and foundation to Our Lady’s visitations at Fatima. For the sake of brevity, we limit our focus to three points. First: Our Lord [to Sister Saint-Pierre] and Our Lady of Fatima both warned of the need

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