Broken Stones

I am amazed by these stepping stones. Started thinking about them… I saw each stone as an event in life. Some are ragged, some are cracked, some are not on the path with the others -and some have been consumed by weeds.

I then was fascinated by the tiny stones that are in between the larger ones. I started seeing that those were all of the times that we all have had little pieces break off of us and we wonder – where have these pieces gone to? We look around and we see little pieces of our life scattered everywhere and when we think about trying to recapture some of those stones – you know, the ones that look good, the ones that we remember that made us feel good, we overlook the stones that we don’t really want to think about anymore and the ones that gave us great sadness, those are the ones that we push to the side -we actually kick those ones out – and hope to kick them so far into the forest that they can never be found again. We all have that tendency don’t we? Of just picking and choosing what little parts of our life that we want to pick up and lay down?

Looking forward, not seeing more of the path I was thinking that was a nice few moments to consider the stepping stones.

I felt God tell me, you cannot see ahead of the bend, but it is much more of the same path and each one of those small stones that you were wondering about, I have collected all of those small stones. I have taken all of your brokenness, all of your fears, all of your sadness, and your happiness, your joy, your smiles, I have taken all of those and I have mixed them together to build you stronger steps that you will see will not be as ragged in the future, but I had to break you to make you who I wanted you to be.

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