A weed is but an unloved flower. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

As a child, dandelions to me, were smiles in my back yard. If I could have put googly eyes on them, I would have had a backyard full of friends.

I remember going for walks and seeing people cut down a yard full of them and I thought, if those were roses, that probably would’ve never happened. 

As an adult, finding one always was and still is special.

When my husband and I moved to New Hampshire in 2015, the day of our closing, I was in the backyard with Joey of our new home, thanking God for His blessing and as I looked down, there was one below my feet.

I plucked it from the ground and I did what I have done 100 times, said a prayer, and asked Jesus, with each little ‘seed’ to carry it and let blessings be created where those delicate white wisps will land.

Everything in life, can be made into a prayer. When you see Jesus in everything, prayer becomes your second language, a natural way of seeing life.

While I will never know, in this earthly life, where every single one of those little white wisps went to, I do know that God knows exactly how many of those little white wisps were on each one of those dandelions.

So if you ever see one, maybe take a different look at it, try and look at life in a different way and see what happens, the slow process of change of your heart and mind. Ask God to help you to see moments the way that He saw them when He created each living thing on our Earth.

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