Be In Moments

Look at this flower. Has anyone ever looked at a flower and pictured God creating a flower? I really looked at the Peonies today that I have in my house and I said to God, “You did this for me. You did this so I would look over and see these beautiful peonies because You love me so much and you want to see me so happy. You tell me, that when I smile, you are overjoyed. I could die right now, happy.” 🤗🤗

The next time that you see a flower, especially your favorite flower, take a really good look at it, because when God created the world, He saw you and He saw what it is that you were going to love, so that flower that you are looking at, was created just for you. Let’s appreciate the gift that God has given to us, because as we look around, we are living now. Look at the flowers, thank God for the scenery on the journey.

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