Tears In a Jar

She looked to her left She looked to her right She went within herself She could not stay there for too long All the hurt, memories, broken promises Resided there She tried staying away from the pain that took over She was just so tired “When will things change?” She asked the Lord “It is not for me to change them.” The Lord told her “What do I do then? “How much longer Lord am I supposed to sit back and let them run me over?” The Lord told her heart; “My child, you see, you are asking me to change someone who is not ready or wants to change.” “What am I to do? I am tired. I have really given it my all, Lord.” ” My child, you keep on giving it your all and I will keep on giving you The strength that you need.” So, she picked up her heart, she picked up her strength, she picked up her tears. The Lord put His hands on her shoulder and said, “Your tears, I will take those, I have put them in a jar, I have counted them all, I promise you this, if you keep on Following My Plan, I will double your blessings for each tear I have counted.” She looked to His face and smiled and just knew, like a thousand times before, She would be okay.

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