To anyone who may be a little confused as to why people love the Blessed Mother and pray through Her, not to her – or is confused because they think we see Her as an idol, which we do not, as that is a sin.

I came across this explanation in one of the prayer books that I read in the morning. It is from the “Catholic Book of Prayers No. 910/09 ISBN 978-0-89942-910-6

I have typed the explanation as is written in this book.

Our Blessed Mother of Fatima

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin is firmly rooted in the revealed Word and has solid dogmatic foundations. It is based on the singular dignity of Mary, Mother of the Son of God, and therefore beloved Daughter of the Father and the Temple of the Holy Spirit – Mary who, because of this extraordinary grace, is far greater than any other creature on earth or in Heaven’ (Paul VI:Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, no.56.)
“When Mary is honored, Her Son is duly acknowledged, loved and glorified. and His commandments are observed. To venerate Mary correctly means to acknowledge Her Son, for She is the Mother of God. To love Her means to love Jesus, for She is always the Mother of Jesus.
“To pray to Our Lady means not to substitute Her Son who desires us to have loving confidence in His Saints, especially in His Mother. To imitate the ‘Faithful Virgin’ means to keep Her Son’s commandments.” (U.S. Bishops: Behold your Mother, No. 82