When Praying Is Hard

Each Hail Mary on the Rosary, when it is prayed for sinners now, and at the hour of our death, is going to help that soul, right then and there. This is why Padre Pio has said that the Rosary is the ‘weapon of our times.’

I love the Blessed Mother very much. She is the Mother of Jesus, our Savior. I hand make artisan Rosaries and have made hundreds, yet, praying the Rosary, is one of the most hardest prayers for me to recite. Not because the Rosary is hard to understand – it is the prayer that takes the longest to say. I remember feeling tremendous guilt for feeling this way.

It is amazing how we hear exactly what we need to hear to be able to help us through a rough patch. I was listening to EWTN, Women of Grace. Joanne had explained how she was saying a Rosary in the midst of traffic. The day was 9/11. Every moment that she said a Hail Mary, while she did not realize it, she was helping somebody at that very moment that was slowly dying or perishing during the 9/11 attacks.

Sometimes, when we struggle with prayer, we need to remember that we are helping somebody else out if we will just endure. A person, ourselves and our salvation. It is good to always remember, when we can, that every Hail Mary, every Glory Be, every Our Father, is helping another soul that is in need.

We need to keep the Faith and keep moving forward.

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