Satan Never Attacks the Same Way Twice

The past 24 hours has reminded me of walking in the desert with the Israelites. In my life, Satan never attacks me the same way twice. The closer I get to God, Satans attack’s are different than they were years ago. My walk with God began when I was 15. I thought I knew Satans attacks and when to be careful to not fall into his trap.

Like how God meets us where we are, Satan knows where God is meeting us and stands at the fork in the road. Gods Grace enlightened me this morning in the midst of silence about the attack from Satan. He told me He allowed it and Satan wanted me to fall, that Satan wants me badly and to be vigilant.

If you are under attack, you may not even know, if you are feeling at odds with yourself, ask God to reveal what is going on.

Your prayers helped me tremendously. Intercessory prayer is one of the main must haves in life, in more than one way.

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