Protector Of Jesus

Being Roman Catholic, I have experienced criticism, hateful words, questions, and quizzical looks.

In a day and age where everyone is supposed to be accepting, tolerant and to let one live their life, why is it that when it comes to Catholicism many have a disgust look? Is it because of the scandals? The presumption that Roman Catholics are stuck up? Too rigid?

The Mother Church – the only One True Church of Jesus Christ has been under fire for decades.

As a Roman Catholic, I am not in agreement with what has happened in the Church with the sex abuse scandal and other wrongdoings. I believe that whoever has committed crimes, should be brought to justice.

The Roman Catholic Church, as a whole, should not be condemned due to the acts of some very selfish people who decided to commit some of the most erroneous acts.

God did not to do this, Jesus Christ did not do this, the Blessed Mother Mary did not to do this, the Saints did not do this and, the parishioners and the all the Roman Catholic Priests did not commit these unspeakable crimes.

If a father molests his children that does mean that all fathers in the world are sexual abusers? If a mother beats her child, does that mean that every single mother in the world is going to beat their child? Because a teacher loses patience with students and decides to physically harm them, does that mean that every single educator in the world will have a finger pointed at them for being possibly abusive?

One bad cop means that all cops are bad? A Doctor who goes into the operating room under the influence, does that mean that every single doctor is going to be performing surgeries intoxicated?

The point being made is this, not everyone should be put into the same category because someone has done something wrong. We are all individuals, and there are more good Priests and religious people in the world than there are corrupt.

Let’s remember that the reason the Roman Catholic Church is the only True Church of Jesus Christ is due to the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

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