I remember many years ago, preaching at a funeral of an old, old man. And it was very difficult because there was an old man in the front pew who cried from his heart all during Mass. At the end of Mass, I went to speak to him and I

I Know It Is Not Easy

“I know it is not easy. I know we have to begin again each day. I know the struggle is real. But we are not alone in the battle. The Lord Himself, who gave the philosophy, is within us to enable us to achieve success. And Our Lord is not

Where You and I come With Our Sorrow and Our Sincerity.

The thief on the cross, this man, after a lifetime of evil, who must have emptied many pockets as he broke many hearts, here he is being given Heaven in a moment by the grand and noble gesture by the God whose name is Love. Remember that same love and

I Would Still Fling Myself Into the Arms of His Mercy

The Little Flower, that extraordinary French girl who died in a convent and Normandy at the age of 24, tells us that if she had not become a saint – become a Nun, rather – she would have become one of the great sinners of the world. She knew Him.

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