I Would Still Fling Myself Into the Arms of His Mercy

The Little Flower, that extraordinary French girl who died in a convent and Normandy at the age of 24, tells us that if she had not become a saint – become a Nun, rather – she would have become one of the great sinners of the world. She knew Him. She said, “Even though I should have every mortal sin in the world on my soul, I would still fling myself into the arms of His Mercy, knowing that He loves me.”

Is this the God who we know? Whom I know? Our challenge is to believe what He has revealed. And so much for His theory; what was He like in practice? How did He treat sinners? Magdalene, whom respectable people avoided, persons were taken away because she believed, because she loved.

From the book; Reflections with Father Leo Clifford O.F.M.

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