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The Holy Face of Jesus

Three decades and two Archbishops later, in 1875, Monsignor Charles Colet became Archbishop of Tours. In the first year of his Episcopacy he broke the seals on the writings of Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre in order to a perform a thorough examination of them. He even sent these writings for

A Deal, A Death and a Daisy.

The Deal … June 6, 2013, I arrived home after having surgery on my left breast. Days had gone by and no results. I called the doctors every other day to find out if the results had arrived, and the nurse said, “I do not know what is holding up

200,000 Gallons of Water and a Miracle

On a late night in February of 2017, my husband and I had packed the Jeep a few days earlier than we had planned. A Blizzard was set to hit Cape Cod, MA and there was talk of the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges being shut down due to the anticipated

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