The Holy Face of Jesus

Three decades and two Archbishops later, in 1875, Monsignor Charles Colet became Archbishop of Tours. In the first year of his Episcopacy he broke the seals on the writings of Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre in order to a perform a thorough examination of them. He even sent these writings for examination to the eminent Benedictine Dom Gueranger at Solesmes Abby (Dom Gueranger is the author of the classic multi-volume work The Liturgical Year.)

Dom Gueranger and the Benedictions returned the documents with the highest recommendations. So, Archbishop Colet, who was not only well-disposed, but seemed anxious to see the Work of Reparation inaugurated, gave permission and urged that the life and revelations be published.

From the book; The Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari

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