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Mary Actively Dispenses All Graces

Mary Actively Dispenses All Graces In Her Apparition to the Carmelite postulant Teresita Castillo in Lipa City, Philippines in 1948, the Mother of God revealed Her title of Mediatrix of all Grace. The sacred Liturgy has already professed Her to be the Mediatrix Omnium Gratiarum. Saint Pius X explains that

God Never Fails To Help

“At about this time there came to my notice the harm and havoc that were being wrought in France by these Lutherans in the way in which their unhappysect was increasing. This troubled me very much, and, as though I could do anything, or be of any help in the

How Does The Catholic Sin Against Faith?

The Catechism then asks “How does the Catholic sin against Faith? “ Answer: “A Catholic sins against Faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.” By taking part in non-Catholic worship! This, indeed, is a powerful indictment against the present ecumenical practice that has swept through

Heavens Warnings

Our emphasis up to this point has been Heavens warnings about violations of the Second and Third Commandments, which are the sins of blasphemy and the profanation of Sundays. Yet Our Lord, in the above quotation is complaining of more. He mentions specifically “violations of the first three Commandments, which

We Must Look to Mary

We Must Look to Mary She, who the Divine Wisdom established by the inscrutable design of His Providence has been chosen and designated to be the instrument by which Christ conquers the world, establishes His Kingdom and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords because it is She

The Church Will be in Eclipse.

“ The Church will be in eclipse.” As already mentioned, there is a connection between Our Lords Revelations to Sister Saint-Pierre and that of Our Lady of La Salette. Both warned of the need for reparation for sins against blasphemy and profanation of Sundays. But our Blessed Mother also foretold

Apocalyptic Event

The unprecedented terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, and the credible reports that Islamic terrorists have acquired nuclear bombs as well as biological and chemical weapons, brings immediately to mind Our Lady of Fatima’s warning: If Russia is not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart “various nations will be

The Miracle of the Sun

God created the stupendous Miracle of the Sun so we would believe. He knows what we’re like – doubting Thomas’s – we’re kind of skeptical – “I don’t know if I really believe that or not. “ We must pray for the Holy Father, to not join the ranks of

Why Aren’t We Doing It?

God gave us a solution through His Holy Mother. Why aren’t we doing it? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Him? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Her? Forget what politicians say, “It might offend somebody,“ or “We think maybe it’s already done.” For those who use the excuse it’s

Nine Promises

There are the Nine Promises from Our Lord to those who practice Devotion to the Holy Face. These promises were collated in the 1880s by the original propagators of the Devotion. The first two are promises given to Saint Gertrude and Saint Mechtilde and the remaining seven were given by

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