Why Aren’t We Doing It?

God gave us a solution through His Holy Mother. Why aren’t we doing it? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Him? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Her? Forget what politicians say, “It might offend somebody,“ or “We think maybe it’s already done.”

For those who use the excuse it’s already done – they didn’t follow the formula!

If you leave things out of a cake you’re making, it’s not going to bake. You’re not going to have a cake. Who are we to leave words out of our Lady’s Request? Why do they consistently leave out RUSSIA?

Instead, they consecrate the world. Why are they consecrating the world? Our lady said RUSSIA. Consecrate RUSSIA! When you Baptize a baby, you don’t Baptize all the babies in the world. You want to Baptize a particular baby for a reason.

From: The Fatima Crusader, written by Coralie Graham

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