and here we go

Where to start … This is Blog #2. I have been blogging with WordPress since 2013 Long story short, when I moved, I got a new area code exchange and a new phone number. I never updated my blog and the nightmarish (but in reality – very important) two step authenticator on WordPress – locked me out. 10 codes were lost in the move and could not get a text message – so, after weeks of contacting WordPress and Paypal, nothing worked – even with my receipt number showing I paid. I finally decided that starting a new blog would have to be done.

It’s not so bad. I like the fresh start and God has a plan because God knows I tried and even with the receipt number – nada -zero -zip. Gods Hand was in this. This is the way my life is – something that should in reality work out – doesn’t and I close my eyes – look up to the sky and say, “Your Will not mine, Lord. Let’s see where this goes.”

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