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Why Aren’t We Doing It?

God gave us a solution through His Holy Mother. Why aren’t we doing it? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Him? Why isn’t the Pope trusting in Her? Forget what politicians say, “It might offend somebody,“ or “We think maybe it’s already done.” For those who use the excuse it’s

Nine Promises

There are the Nine Promises from Our Lord to those who practice Devotion to the Holy Face. These promises were collated in the 1880s by the original propagators of the Devotion. The first two are promises given to Saint Gertrude and Saint Mechtilde and the remaining seven were given by

Silence on Fatima

The unprecedented terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, and the credible reports that Islamic terrorists have acquired nuclear bombs as well as biological and chemical weapons, brings immediately to mind Our Lady of Fatima’s warning: (see insert about Fatima) If Russia is not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart

Saint Pope John Paul’s Assassin

Providential Meeting Pope John Paul meets with his would be assassin in prison on December 27, 1983. The Pope on May 13, 1981 had been saved from the poisoned deadly bullet, through Our Lady of Fatima’s protection. In truly providential circumstances, Mr. Agca was also saved from certain death from

The Prophecy

The most Holy Virgin Mary with Her servants and with us, show us the way. Got has given the world a gift in Mary – the prophecy of love – and we must look toward Jesus, Prophet of love crucified by love, and we should never give up. Bishop Juan

The Holy Face of Jesus

Three decades and two Archbishops later, in 1875, Monsignor Charles Colet became Archbishop of Tours. In the first year of his Episcopacy he broke the seals on the writings of Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre in order to a perform a thorough examination of them. He even sent these writings for

How Can We Make It Understood?

How can we make it understood to others what Our Mother seems so clearly to give us to understand? How can we move forward with obedience to the Faith – Faith which is beyond all human authority? I believe the way has been shown to us by our Most Holy

Night of the Sentiments

Bishop Mata Guevara I had already prepared a reflection about the “Night of the Sentiments”, having read a recent message of Father Gruner who feels himself alone in this battle to make the innermost secrets of Fatima understood; in particular, the Third Secret. Indeed, this seems to me to be

On Borrowed Time

ON BORROWED TIME We are in the final stages of what Sister Lucy told Cardinal Caffarra would be the final battle – the attack against the family. This battle begun centuries ago by the enemies of Christ is now being spearheaded by His vicar on earth. The very one who

Something We Didn’t Tell

Something We Didn’t Tell Admitting, then, that the events of Fatima have been treated shamefully in some quarters, it can still be said with safety that there is something more to the reasons why an ungrateful world has failed to comply. To me, the answer is one vastly serious omission

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