The Great Miracle of Fatima

The Great Miracle of Fatima

It was October 13, 1917. More than 70,000 people were gathered at the Cova da Iria at Fatima, Portugal. It was raining, it had been for two days, and the roads and fields were covered with mud.

People were praying the Rosary when suddenly Lucy cried out and pointed to the sky. The crowd looked up, and before their eyes the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. It looked like a bright silver disc, and everyone could look straight at it without it hurting their eyes. Slowly it began to spin, then faster and faster, giving off beams in every direction. These beams were red, blue, green, violet, and every other color. It was very beautiful.

People could see the Miracle of the Sun for miles around. The sun stopped whirling and for a moment it was still. Then it started to spin a second time, faster than before. It stopped a second time. Then it began to spin a third time, and this time the rays it was giving off were more brilliant than before.

Suddenly, as if the spinning had torn the sun from its place, it plummeted so near to the earth that the crowd below could feel its burning heat and the light was so bright people could no longer look towards it. It seemed like the end of the world. In fear and penance the people fell to their knees in spite of the mud, asking God’s pardon for their sins.

Just as suddenly as it had begun, the miracle ended. The sun stopped short and climbed back to its usual place in the sky, to the relief of the frightened people. The people rose from their knees, preparing to leave. On right and left were cries of astonishment when they noticed that their clothes, which had been muddy and wet from the rain which had been falling just minutes before, were dry and clean. Many sick and crippled were cured of their afflictions.

Canada’s Pilgrim Virgin Statue was blessed by Our Holy Father Pope Paul VI on May 13, 1963 at Fatima. This Statue visits the different dioceses of Canada and these visits are the occasion of many spiritual and temporal blessings given through Our Heavenly Mother’s intercession.

“This,” says Father Montes de Oca, “was the great miracle promised, which took place precisely at the time and place fixed, and which was to compel men to believe in the reality of the apparitions, and to obey the message which Our Lady of the Rosary brought them from Heaven.”

Fatima Crusader

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