Pope John Paul II Supports Our Lady Of Fatima’s Call To Collegial Consecration

Pope John Paul II Supports Our Lady Of Fatima’s

Call To Collegial Consecration

Pope John Paul II is a Marian Pope. His coat of arms, bearing inside it a large “M”, for the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the motto he had as Cardinal, “Totus Tuus”, that is, “All Yours” is an indication of his complete consecration and deep devotion to Our Heavenly Mother. John Paul II’s actions as Cardinal certainly show his filial love for Our Lady.

In September of 1971 a Pastoral Letter was written, and signed by the entire Polish Episcopate. The two names foremost on the document were those of the two Cardinals, Cardinal Wyszynski and Cardinal Wojtyla, our present Pope. The letter, entitled “Mother of the Church, Show Yourself the Mother of the Human Family” shows who the Polish people trust in times of trouble.

“If our nation steadily looks to Heaven, faithful to God, to the Cross, to the Gospel, and the Church we are indebted to Her! If our Church, in spite of all sorts of obstacles limiting its rights and freedom, works and fulfills its redeeming mission, we ascribe it to the Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church.

“Since we know from experience the source of help, we shall offer mankind to the arms of the Mother of the Church and Mother of the Human Family.

“The reason for misfortune, dissension and war in our contemporary world is the loss of all ties with God… If we see that the protection of the world’s welfare and peace is in the Church of Christ, then precisely it would be the Mother of this Church and the Mother of Mankind who will lead all to the life-giving fountains of the Church, and who should show the way, and help in seeing the Church present in the world …

“We must feel ourselves children of this Mother and profit from this maternity for the good of the Church and for all men on earth … Today we Christian Poles yearn to offer to the Mother of the Church, no longer just ourselves, but the entire world with all its struggles, hopes and desires …”

The Letter continues:

“As the 30th anniversary of that original consecration (by Pope Pius XII, of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary), approaches this coming year we wish to turn towards our Holy Father, that he offer this threatened mankind once again-but this time collegially — that is together with all the Bishops of the world — to the welcome arms of Mary, Mother of the Church.”

On September 5, 1971, the Act of Consecration of the World to Our Lady was performed by the Polish Bishops at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa. The Act was repeated in every parish and sanctuary on the following Sunday, on the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. The main part of this Act is found in the following:

Our Lady of Fatima promised world peace if Russia would be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart “by the Pope and all the Bishops in the world on one special day.” Pope John Paul I, in obedience to Her, promotes Collegial Consecration. The responsibility for world peace rests not only on the Pope and Bishops. We too must heed Our Lady’s requests. Canada’s own Pilgrim Virgin Statue, (above) blessed by Pope Paul VI, travels across Canada to remind us of that fact.

On September 5, 1971, the Act of Consecration of the World to Our Lady was performed by the Polish Bishops at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa. The Act was repeated in every parish and sanctuary on the following Sunday, on the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. The main part of this Act is found in the following:

“What brings us to You (Blessed Virgin) is our deep anxiety for our world, distraught by wars, full of suffering and unrest, tormented by hatred, pride and conceit. Before You we stand alarmed about the future generations, which ride on the crest of revolt and temptation to overthrow all law, together with the acquisition of the past.

“Mother, You see the suffering of the Human Family. In many hearts, faith and love of God is replaced by incredulity and despair. Those, contemplating the vision of temporal success, withdraw themselves from Your Son, refusing His love and grace.

“Mother, to You do we come for deliverance! In order to obtain this, we desire to consecrate to You the Church of Christ and the world. We feel that we are a living part of the Church of Your Son. It is our Church, and so we have a right to consecrate it. We are a living part of the Human Family, which is our family, and for this reason we can consecrate it to You as well.”

In October of 1971 Cardinal Wyszynski, the Polish Primate, went to Rome for the beatification of a fellow countryman, Maximilian Kolbe. In a special audience with the Holy Father he asked Pope Paul to consecrate the Church and the Human Race to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“We present to you, Holy Father, our humble, and at the same time dearest request; that you would want once again to dedicate the Universal Church and all humanity into the Maternal hands of Mary, Mother of the Church — this time together with all the Bishops of the world, who are responsible for the Christian face of the earth …

“Indeed, yesterday’s beatification, on the anniversary of the Knights of the Immaculata shows us again the place where there is safety for the Faith, the Church and the human family — in the arms of Mary, the Mother of the Church!”

On October 5, 1974 another appeal was made by the Church in Poland. Speaking once again for the entire Polish Episcopate, Cardinal Wyszynski addressed the Pope:

“Beloved Holy Father,

The Polish Episcopate desires to present to you an overview of the prayers that the Polish Nation has been offering that you, Holy Father, together with all the Bishops of the world, collegially, consecrate the entire endangered human race to the Maternal Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church …

On May 3 last (1974), the faithful Polish Nation, united in prayer in all its churches, ardently invoked the Queen of Poland and Mother of the Church for the grace of consecrating the entire Human Family to Her.

During the Fall of 1974, in the months of September to December, parish pilgrimages to Jasna Gora will take place for this intention. Likewise nuns, united with this intention, will keep vigil at Jasna Gora during all the nights of those months. This is a great mobilization of the soul of the nation to support you, Holy Father, in this splendid desire for the collegial consecration of the Church and mankind to the unfailing hands of Mary.


The world was already consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Pius XII in 1942, and by you, Holy Father, on November 21, 1964, at the end of the Third Session of the Council. In this hour of terrible danger from unbelief, immorality and war — we desire this act anew, but this time — collegially, together with all the Shepherds on the earth’s globe.

This act … would be a most superb stroke, leading mankind to true union with God, and, among themselves, in the arms of the Mother of the Church….

Falling at your feet, Holy Father, we ardently beg you again, that you graciously accept and fulfill this request of the Polish Episcopate, supported by the prayers of their entire nation.”

This request is inspired by the request of Our Lady of Fatima, which asked for this very act on the part of the Pope and all the other Catholic Bishops of the world.

It is well known that Pope John Paul II is very devoted to Our Lady. Shortly after he was elected, John Paul II came onto the balcony, and spoke to the people. He said,

“Praised be Jesus Christ. I was afraid to accept this nomination, but I have done so in a spirit of obedience to Our Lord and with complete trust in His Mother, Our Blessed Lady …”

As Cardinal, John Paul II fervently promoted collegial consecration of the world to Mary. Now, as Pope, a very special Marian Pope chosen by God, it would seem that his election is the signal that satan will be crushed, and Russia and the world will be converted through Our dear Mother’s Most Immaculate Heart.

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