Mother Of Divine Grace Pray For Us

Mother Of Divine Grace

— Pray For Us

We must be devoted to Our Lady. Through Her we receive all graces. God Himself gave Mary the power to dispense graces to all those who ask Her for them. A great saint and Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori, teaches us in his book, The Glories of Mary:

“To understand why the Holy Church makes us call Mary our life, we must know, that as the soul gives life to the body, so does Divine grace give life to the soul; for a soul without grace has the name of being alive, but is in truth dead, as it was said in the Apocalypse, ‘Thou hast the name of being alive and thou art dead.’ Mary, in obtaining this grace for sinners by Her intercession, restores them to life. The Church makes Her speak, applying to Her the following words of Proverbs: ‘They that in the morning early watch for Me shall find Me.’ They who are diligent in having recourse to Me in the morning, that is, as soon as they can, will most certainly find Me. In the Septuagint the words ‘shall find Me’ are rendered ‘shall find grace’. So that to have recourse to Mary is the same thing as to find the grace of God. A little further on She says, ‘He that shall find Me shall find life, and shall have salvation from the Lord.’ St. Bonaventure explains, ‘Listen, all you who desire the kingdom of God; honor the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and you will find life and eternal salvation.’

“St. Bernardine of Sienna says, that if God did not destroy man after his first sin, it was on account of His singular love for this holy Virgin, who was destined to be born of this race. And the Saint adds, ‘that he has no doubt but that all the mercies granted by God under the old dispensation were granted only in consideration of this Most Blessed Lady.’ Hence St. Bernard was right in exhorting us ‘to seek grace, and to seek it by Mary’ meaning, that if we have had the misfortune to lose the grace of God, we should seek to recover it, but we should do so by Mary; for though we may have lost it, She has found it; and hence the Saint calls Her ‘the finder of grace’.”

Fatima Crusader

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